Friday, February 18, 2011

for elizabeth

these past few weeks i had grown really home sick. so last weekend, i packed up, had people take/come get me (that's right, i'm car-less) and i was off to the familiar surroundings of everything home:) i hung out with my mom, sisters, and cat...slept in my wonderful bed and of course, ate too much. it was the perfect getaway. and while i was there, my sweet, dear beefus (elizabeth) asked me to post another blog thingie to make her laugh. well, i don't have anything witty to say or a tidbit story to tell, so here:

i hope you enjoy, sweet sister. give beaux the sniffs for me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


well...more like catch up.


It has been so long since we have been friends, dear blog. But I just feel like I need to have something spectacular or funny or spectacularly funny to happen in my life so I may blog about it. And guess who has had half a semester filled with papers, music theory tests and a week of severe tonsillitis? THIS GUY RIGHT HERE (points to self). That's right. Nothing to extra ordinary or crazy awesome. But I do have a very small morsel of a story for you... A nugget, if you will.

So I spent this entire weekend with my wonderful manfriend doing fun festivities. A little World Market, a little mall hopping, some Chuy's eating, some strawberry-cheesecake muffin baking (i know right? SO good) and friggin' 28 Weeks Later watching (yeah, i pretty much peed my pants. scary business). But there is one instance that stands prominent in the front of my mind.

It all started on Saturday when we decided to head to Mockingbird Station and go to Buffalo Exchange. A semi-date, if you will... For those of you who have experienced "buffalo exhanging", you understand that it is basically a hit or miss when shopping for a good deal...or something that doesn't look like it was bought from an absolute ridiculous freak of nature. But I digress. As my man and I grazed through the racks and looked for good pickin's, we found a few good shirts here and there..a blanket that was supposed to be a fashion statement, and a nice pair of hooker-studded heels. HOT. Then we mozied our way to the sale rack, women's of course, and came upon two other girlies who liked to talk at "Will Ferrell SNL skit"-volume. One of them had a really long, hot pink, sequined hair ribbon in her hair. Yeah. It gets better. Dan and I were making our loop around the rack and I notice Sequine-Chickadee hold up a leather coat that looks like one I had been browsing online for not only a few days before. Except this one was leather, wonderful and HALF OFF. When she puts it down, I manage to run over to see it closer...and it's a beauty. And only $18! But I felt awkward because I had just seen her hold it up, stating, "Like OMG, should I get this so I have an extra leather coat for the Colorado trip?! For rizzles, I would like, absolutley LAHVE having two leather coats so I don't get bored with one. Like, ya know?? But I've already spent $50 shopping for other things I don't need!" (i'm not kidding, she was annoying.) While I stood near it, talking to Dan about whether or not I should pick it up since she was hovering two feet away, she's all like, "Are you gonna try on that coat?" and I'm all like, "No, go for it."
...BUT PEOPLE. IT WAS BECAUSE I FELT AWKWARD. I know I shouldn't have let her have it, but I figured she'd put it down later.

And yes. That's right. Daniel and I stalked them the rest of the time in the store. And let me tell you. It was infuriating. It was like 30 minutes of 28 Weeks Later. The zombies kept coming back and attacking people and my stalk-ees just kept opening their mouths attacking my ears. Everything that came out of her mouth was obnoxious. And yes, I have been just a little bit bitter. But guys. I needed that coat. Real leather. Fur Hood. Size small. EIGHTEEN DOLLARS.

Sigh. But I digress. The wicked witch bought it and kept raving about not having to get bored or look bad with just ONE leather jacket. Because, you know, she needed two. While I have none.

So I left Buffalo defeated and furious. I swear Daniel was having to hold me back. I was yelling at the concrete because I was so angry. Stupid hot pink sequins (i mean, who does that?).

I hope she lives a long, happy, WARM life. Shout out to Daniel, my sweet, for letting me vent for about an hour. It probably wouldn't have fit me anyway.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What happens when you put me, my sister Allison, Jillian, and Jenna in a very well supplied Hobby Lobby? Well, my dear friends, the result is a forest of flowers in my dorm room. yes, a forest is what i said. But it's alright because we like nature.
SO. Funny story.

A while back my sister and I went to dinner at Olive Garden. (i know right? scrumptious)
She ordered something delicous..I ordered something heavenly..we waited and treated ourselves to a multitude of breadsticks and salad with that AMAZING dressing stuff..

"Yada, Yada, Yada..."

We eat, we laugh, we people watch..(especially this really sweet old couple right next to us who held hands and were being really, really cute)..

And then out of NOwhere this is what happens:
Waitress: "Are we going to need to-go boxes?
Allison: "Yeah, that'd be great. Can we get two?"
Waitress: "Absolutely! Will this all be on one check?"
Allison: "No,it'll be seperate..Also, we'd like to get [those donut thingies with the yummy chocolate sauce and fluffy sugar on top]?" *i don't remember the name*
Waitress: "Sure, we'll have that right out, ladybugs."

-waitress walks away-



I'm sorry, what's that again?

Ladybugs? Allison and I weren't sure to be offended because she talked to us like we were kindergarteners...or be offened because she called us freaking insects. Sure, they are the more attractive in the bug family (besides rolly-pollies), but STILL. I mean, who does that?
It was the weirdest thing. And if you have seen me in a laughing/honking know this situation didn't end too well. She probably thinks we're a couple of *curse words* for laughing at her...well, actually it was only near/around/towards her. :) And yes, we did tip her. Even though we laugh at her behind her back and bring up this story to laugh at (on occasion)..we do have hearts.

That's all. I've just been meaning to share this story.